Why should I worry about mobiles and tablets?

According to the latest Australian statistics, around 50% of all traffic on the internet is via a mobile device.

So what does that mean for you as a business owner?

What it means is you need to “think responsive” about what you do online.   If we were building a new physical retail space for our customers, we wouldn’t make it hard for customers to browse your products.  We wouldn’t hide our products behind doors that dont open or use signage thats people cant see without using a magnifying glass.

This in reality is whats happening when you dont make your website “responsive”.

So whats “responsive” then?

In the past all websites were built to be a fixed size on the page, usually centred nicely on the screen.  It was relatively easy as most computer screens fell into a few standard sizes.

Today however your website can be viewed on hundreds of internet enabled devices ranging from mobile phones to High Definition TVs.

Most mobile phones and tablets are designed to simply reduce the size of your website so users can see the whole page in one hit.  The reality is users have to zoom in and scroll around, content gets lost and what looks great full screen becomes a jumble.

Why not build a separate mobile website?

Many design agencies and web marketers still encourage clients to create a “mobile version” of their websites.  Ultimately it doubles the workload as you need to update and maintain two websites.

Its good for your customers who use a mobile, but what happens when they use an ipad mini or a samsung tablet ?

How responsive works

What responsive means is you build one website that adapts and changes to any screen its viewed on.

For example we can have a great multi-column layout for laptops, desktops and big screens.  We can then adjust the layout on tablets so the sidebar is hidden (and pops out when clicked) and the menu simplifies.  When we drop to a mobile, we update the navigation to a simple drop down menu and make all the content flow in one easy column.

We can even do clever stuff like hide and show content based on the size of the screen or the device that you sites being viewed on.

Future-proofing your website

The great thing is a responsive website simply works on any screen size.  So when a new phone or tablet is released you website simply scales to suit.

Want  to know more?

If your interested in getting a responsive website for your business, then give us a call today on 02 6655 9998.  We have a range of affordable plans to kick start your online marketing.

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