Why you should update your site regularly

So many websites are launched every year, only to fade away in the depths of googles archives.

The main cause of a slide in your search engine rankings is usually due to a outdated content.  Putting it simply, google looks at your site on a regular basis and if it sees your contents old, it starts to rank other websites higher than you who’ve updated their site recently.

Your site may look great, but Google is basically black and white and simply looks at cold hard stats and ranks you accordingly.

To consistently rank well on Google you need to make sure your updating your site on a regular basis.

Aside of Google, updating your content also attracts new customers to your website.  There’s nothing more off-putting to customers than visiting a website thats months, if not years, out of date.

A business blog is perfect way to keep your website live and current.  It also demonstrates to your customers that you know your what’s going on inside your industry.  Its also a great way to showcase new staff, products or services in a more informal manner.

We use our blog in exactly this manner, predominately to educate our clients on how to market themselves better online.

If you would like us to help you promote your business to a wider market then give us a call today on 026655 9998.



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