Digital Mentoring

I’ve already got website, but I’m not getting the results I expected, I need help fast!

Does this sound familiar, it does to us, in fact it sums up most of the new enquiries we get on daily basis.

This is why we offer monthly mentoring sessions via skype where you get to ask us anything about marketing your business online for one hour straight.  We in return give you effective solutions that you can implement yourself or include as part of an ongoing marketing strategy.

How does it work?

Its simple, you simply request a session using the form below and we send you a quick email where you can choose from a number of appointment slots, its that easy.

There is no contracts too, so you can do one or as many as you need to build your business.

How Much is it?

A one hour session is $249 inc GST

Whats included?

Our mentoring sessions include:

  • 1 Hour of our time to ask any question you want about your project
  • Recording of the session as an mp3 & quicktime video
  • Written transcript of the session in Microsoft Word

Why would this benefit my business?

  • Great way to get expert advice on an adhoc basis
  • Written & digital record of the session for use in marketing plans
  • Cost effective way to hire in an expert digital marketing consultant
  • Pay by credit card

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